Scent Training Course Level 1
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Scent Training Course Level 1

Every Thursday 6.30 – 8pm £120 per dog.

Scent Training Course level 1 – £120

Trainer – Claire Pickavance.  Fully accredited and qualified by Scentwork UK. There’s only 153 of us in the UK and we are proud to be able to offer this activity and sport to the area.

Scentwork is basically teaching a dog to track a specific scent and find it in various scenarios, – think customs dogs or police dogs tracking a burglar.  All dogs are able to do it as all dogs have noses and their natural instinct is to sniff.  Its a great brain workout, its solving a puzzle and burns off lots of mental energy, which walking and exercise alone doesn’t achieve.  Its also lots of fun.

Level 1 is a search for the scent of cloves, which consists of a luggage, vehicle, outdoor and table and chairs search.  There are up to 8 levels nationally and competitions and trails held throughout the country – your dog could be gold medal winner even at level 1.