Waggy Warehouse Dog Daycare

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Introducing our Puppy Stay and Play and Stay

Classes and Adult Play and Stay

Every Saturday 10.00am - 11.00am puppies

11.15am- 12.15am Adults

The most important time in your puppies life is 0 to 16 weeks. During this time your puppy needs to be sociliased in human contact and dog contact, your puppy must be allowed to play and mix with other puppies, as it is through play that they learn correct and proper “doggy talk” which is one of the essential elements in developing a well rounded adult dog that can handle social interactions with other dogs and people.

The puppy stay and play class is designed to promote the welfare of your puppy, offering 

positive social experiences and helps to teach you, as a puppy owner, about your dogs 

behaviour and body language. The play and stay classes will help your puppy develop self-control and to enjoy interacting with and being handled by people. Not only that, but it will provide your puppy with an outlet for their abudant energy with supervised off lead play, ball pit play, peanut butter bubble machine, trampoline fun and much more

So come along and join the fun!

Not only will you learn about how to best communicate with your new puppy, but Waggy Warehouse is also a wonderful place to work on introducing your dog to environments and people outside of the home.

Places are limited so please phone or email to book your slot.

Puppies must be older than 12 weeks, have full vaccinations and be out of the vaccination period.

For those dogs who missed out on socialisation, wants to make friends and have a safe environment to play and learn how to meet new dog friends, our adult stay and play classes are the same as the puppy sessions, but for grown up dogs.