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Doggy Reiki and Holistic Therapies

Many dog lovers feel the relationship between human and canine contains a mystical connection. After all, doesn’t your dog sometimes know what you’re thinking? Wouldn’t it be great if your furry friend could tell you how they feel or why they act a certain way? When it comes to caring for our furry friends, some believe the Japanese technique of Reiki can be a helpful tool in holistic therapy. The intended benefits of Reiki are for physical healing, psychological treatment, and general wellness. It can relieve tension or alleviate fears in nervous dogs or dogs displaying aggression or strange behaviour, and gives your dog a sense of peace. On top of that, pain relief and rapid recovery from treatment or operations, and generally aiding the body’s natural healing process. Whether it’s a behavioural disorder, injury, or arthritis, or general wellbeing your dog may be helped by Reiki. Another practical use for Reiki is to assist with separation anxiety that a dog may experience when you’re away from home and they’re left at home or boarded away, a house move or new baby or general changes in the dog’s lifestyle can all be addressed and helped with Reiki.

Chakras exist throughout the body and are sometimes referred to as the main energy centers in the body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means "wheel of light". Humans have seven main chakras. Dogs have the same seven chakras plus one additional chakra known as the brachial chakra. Each of the chakras regulates a specific area or areas of the body. However, all of the chakras work together to keep the body's energy aligned and flowing smoothly. When there is a physical or emotional problem within the body, the chakras will become blocked and energy will not flow properly. Which chakras are blocked will depend on the area(s) of the body affected.

Until the chakra is cleared of its blockage, the issue will remain. During a Reiki healing session, the dog may become very relaxed and sometimes will fall asleep. Other times, the dog will become invigorated and energized after the session has concluded. Each dog will react in a way that the Reiki energy best suits them.

We are very honoured to have Reiki Master healer and divine angelic Hayley Richardson joining our team the first Saturday in the month in order to offer this service. Through her guides, Hayley is able to communicate with your dog whilst performing the healing therapy and your dog is able to use her to tell you why it acts in a certain way, how its feeling and if you’re not its first owner, then you can find out more about your dog’s past story. You remain present throughout the session and can see her at work and you may even catch a few healing rays yourself!

Sessions last for one hour and cost £30.00. Please phone to book