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Day Care

– Monday to Friday 8am-6pm £14 Half Day / £24 Full Day, per dog

Day Care – 1/2 day or full day

Our daycare runs Tuesday to Friday 8am-6pm. Dogs can attend for a half day either 8am-1pm or 12noon -6pm and this is £14.00, or a full day 8am-6pm which is £24. We have a taxi service and are key holders so we can pick up and drop off and you don’t have to be home.

In order to attend our daycare all male dogs have to be neutered or implanted, females don’t but in order to comply with our animal licence regulations we cannot accept Intact males and your dog has to be 6 months and older.

Your dog would need to come along for an assessment first in order to see whether we are the right environment for them and somewhere they will be happy.

If your dog passes the assessment you can book in as little or often as you like, although we do recommend three half day sessions, at your convenience, to begin, rather than full days, in order for your dog to acclimate and not be overwhelmed.

We have three separate play areas which are all secure and the dogs are placed in appropriate playgroups according to their energy levels. All the dogs follow a schedule throughout their time with us which includes mental and physical stimulation and basic training! Making sure at the end of the session your dog has had a fantastic time.