Waggy Warehouse Dog Daycare

Day Creche, Grooming, Training & Retail Centre

About Us

Waggy Warehouse Dog Daycare is owned by Claire & Polly. We have a current staff of 8, and couple of volunteers who do work experience with us for their future careers in the pet industry. Here at Waggy, our customers and their dogs are like our extended family!

Waggy Warehouse is located in Shaw, so is well positioned between Oldham and Rochdale and easy to get to, with local motorway links and a nearby tram stop.

We are licensed through Oldham Council and fully insured.

Why Bring Your Dog to us ?

We have a three tier process with regard to our daycare dogs. The first step is a tour and consultation for the owner only.

Think of doggy day care as a children’s nursery. You wouldn’t dream of sending a child along without visiting first to see exactly where your child will spend their day, who they’ll be with, and what they’ll be doing. You get to meet our staff, see and experience our daily doggy routines and we talk you through our processes and ethos. We keep our numbers low in order to ensure that each dog gets the personal one on one attention they deserve, all of our staff know each dog's little quirks and mannerisms and we ensure the dog has an individual experience with us, - something that we feel is not achievable with high numbers, and something we pride ourselves on.

We have a staff ratio of one canine carer to 9 dogs, this is a low ratio of dogs per carer to ensure that every dog in our care is happy and properly monitored. As we have three rooms, boisterous dogs and more calmer dogs can be matched to their own group, so no dog feels intimidated or out of their depth and there's also plenty of room to run around and play for the more energetic guests. All of our staff are Canine First Aid trained and fully trained in reading and understanding dog behaviour, signals and appropriate play.

The second stage is a meet and greet. The owner and dog attend the daycare for a short 10/15 minute session where the dog gets to meet the staff, have a good sniff round reception and be generally spoilt with attention and treats. This is to asses whether the dog initially feels comfortable in our surroundings and also so that it then associates us with being a happy fun place. If the dog reacts well during the meet and greet we then move on to the third stage. The third stage is an assessment of the dog , without the owner. The dog is left with us for around 30 minutes whilst we conduct various little tests to see how he/she reacts without their owners. The assessment looks at how the dog reacts to being handled without mum and dad around (we pick up a paw and look in their ears), play and introduction to our other daycare dogs.

If your dog passes the assessment then you become a member of the waggy pack!

These three stages are essential in ensuring that your dog is happy to be with us and to make sure we are a safe and fun environment for our other daycare dogs. 

Our Team:

Diane - Manager

Michael - Assistant manager & Waggy Cab driver

Abby - Canine Carer and Junior Canine Holistic Therapist

Claire - Canine Carer

Alicia - Canine Carer

Ben - Canine Carer

Alex - Canine Carer

Stacey - Canine carer

Our Mission

Our mission is to care for and provide your dog with a safe, professional, social and FUN environment. We aim to provide stimulation and training with rewards & playtime to make sure your dog comes home happy, whilst giving our customers a fantastic experience.