Waggy Spa & Grooming

Waggy Spa & Grooming

You don’t have to use the daycare to bring your dog to our spa. Our groomer Claire Pickavance is fully qualified and here at Waggy Warehouse we have a NO FORCE policy, we do not use muzzles and under no circumstances would we force a dog to do something it does not want to do.  Instead we use positive reinforcement, de-stress techniques and meet and greet sessions to build up a dogs trust and confidence so they feel happy and we gain their trust.   Grooming your dog is essential in looking after the coat, ensuring healthy growth, helps with moulting, keeps the coat clean, and for dogs with active lifestyles ensures their coat is free from matts which cause discomfort.

We are more than happy to work to owners specific requirements and offer advice with regard to seasonal cuts and maintenance.  We can offer Asian fusion styles, traditional breed cuts and also canine beauty treatments such as tear stain face masks and pawdicures.  Deshed services to help with malting and nail trims are amongst only some of our skills.

Grooming is by appointment only and we offer appointments throughout the week, weekends and late nights.

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