Waggy Warehouse Dog Daycare

Day Creche, Grooming, Training & Retail Centre

Waggy Warehouse dog daycare is your dog's home away from home! We're here to provide cuddles, training, playtime and social enrichment for your dog whilst you're at work, away for the day or just need to get some things done around the house (even some peace and quiet!)

We offer dog daycare, grooming, and training services and are located at 17 Linney Lane, Shaw OL2 8HB

Is your dog bored or destructive when you are gone?

Does your dog crave new friends to play with?

Or maybe your dog has lots of energy to burn

We have the perfect solution… A large indoor dog park with 3 separate play areas for your dog to learn new manners & tricks, burn off some energy and have some fun with lots of new friends to keep them company.

Come along and join the Waggy Pack 

Check out our dog daycare page to learn more!

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